Don't let it flash in the pan.Don't let it flash in the pan,Touched in that instant. A section of real emotion experience, Raps when gently ,The keyboard has mind filled with the good 馬爾地夫and bad in life, Is fulling my heart, I am excited from time to time hold the tears from time to time, Writes down the intravenous drip which attentively ,we pass through together, Has written 禮服down we most romantic, Matter and the most bitter past events, My innermost feelings are being attacked, By one kind of strong feeling, That is moved and feels grateful.In the life each joyful 西裝外套each spot is enterprising. Feels friend's showing loving concern together, Feels in together the life each true feelings. The move, laughs heartily together sobs together. Passes through ARMANIall good and bad in life together. These are our forever happiest recollections.

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